Cosmetic Bi-Focals

1.74 +12.00 +2.00 with add 2.50
High Rx (+16.50) in Cosmetic Bi-focal)

Irrespective of how sophisticated digital mapping technology has become, the fact remains that some patients simply cannot adapt to progressive lenses. Some opt to have two or more pairs of single-vision spectacles whilst others may prefer to wear contact lenses with a single pair of spectacles for reading. Then there are the bi-focal wearers…

Traditionally, of course, bi-focals have been the preserve of the older patient who wants to stick with what they have become accustomed to. There are also emerging presbyopes who end up in bi-focals for financial reasons or as a result of non-tolerance to the progressives they have been prescribed. Either way, bi-focals – due to their obvious visible segment – have now come to be seen by the general population as antiquated and, other than in the case of the over-60s wearer, daggy and unattractive.

Cosmetic Bi-focal comparison
Conventional D-seg vs Cosmetic (glazed)

So today’s younger bi-focal wearers (let’s say, those between 40 and 60) are those who don’t suffer from vanity concerns relating to the visible segment. Either that or the lower cost (or, in the case of those intolerant to progressives, the advantage of two distances in a single pair of specs) outweighs such concerns.

Taking all that into consideration then, just how many MORE patients might now be interested bi-focals given that there is no longer a need for the dreaded visible segment?

A large proportion of existing bi-focal wearers will welcome the option of an “invisible” bi-focal with open arms. And then there are all the progressive lens non-tols who will suddenly have their usual objection to bi-focals (i.e. their appearance) completely eradicated.

Think about it for a moment. It stands to reason that a good number of bi-focal wearers and bi-focal objectors alike will happily pay more to make that unsightly line disappear. So by offering our Cosmetic Bi-focal you will:

  1. demonstrate that you are abreast of the latest developments (and therefore maintaining clinical excellence)
  2. delight those patients who view the absence of the ‘segment line’ as a valuable cosmetic improvement to their appearance
  3. differentiate your practice offering from that of the dumbed-down multiples
  4. ADD VALUE and profit to your dispense

In any business, a WIN-WIN situation is always welcome!

Jamie Holoran CEO